Sir Daniel Fleming’s memoirs claim descent from Baldwin, the first Earl of Flanders, in the year 864 and a le Fleming pedigree claims that the French records go back, unbroken, to the time of Charlemagne of France.

The Flemish family quickly establishes themselves as landowners in England and soon the le Fleming family plays an important part throughout especially Cumbria.

Sir Daniel Fleming, ca. 1665

Sir Daniel Fleming, ca. 1665

The sphere of influence of the Le Fleming family has been widespread: various members were MPs; many were eminent in the political and social life of the north-west of England; many were clergy and one was Bishop of Carlisle. There are strong links with Oxford University, particularly Queens College, and there are connections with James Boswell, Sir Walter Scott, William Wordsworth, John Constable, and many more well-known literary and artists’ names.

William Le Fleming of the New Zealand family

William and Mary (née Wilson) Le Fleming of the New Zealand Le Flemings (Photograph courtesy of Sir David Le Fleming)

In 1851 Sir Michael Le Fleming emigrated and in 1857 he inherited the baronetcy of the Le Flemings and the title moved to New Zealand.

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