While she has been living at Rydal Hall, Ann Galbraith, author of the book "The Fleming Family of Rydal Hall", has discovered the characters of the people who have lived here, as revealed through the letters and papers in the archives.

The characters are set in their historical context and the personalities are described, using evidence from family letters and contemporary writings.

This book attempts to satisfy the curiosity by providing a continuous Fleming family line since the Norman Conquest, explaining their connection with William Duke of Normandy, how they gained their land in Cumberland, and how they came to Rydal in the 15th century.

The separation of the baronetcy from the estates, and the New Zealand connection with the Rydal Le Flemings is explained, and the account is brought up-to-date with the current generation of heirs to the estates and the title.

'The Fleming Family of Rydal Hall' by Ann Galbraith

"The Fleming Family of Rydal Hall"
by Ann Galbraith; with lay-out by Sir David Le Fleming
88 pages, full colour. Illustrated with photographs, portraits, original documents, family tree and maps
(ISBN 978-09555218-1-2)

I Flemish Ancestry and the Flemings establish themselves in Cumbria
II The Coniston Hall Period
III Rydal Old Hall Period
IV Rydal New Hall
V Sir Daniel Fleming (1633-1701)
VI The First Two Baronets – Sir Michael and Sir George
VII The Division ‘In-Tail’
VIII The New Zealand Branch and the Baronetcy
I Portraits in Rydal Hall
II Heraldry in Rydal Hall
III Wordsworth’s poetry – links with Rydal Hall
IV Sir William Fleming’s inventory, 1736
V Tribute to Thomas Wilson (1829 – 1906)
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